Unlimited Products and Categories

Your e-commerce store comes with unlimited content pages, categories and products. You can have multiple languages for all these web pages, so that you can serve your store to anyone in many parts of the world without the need to create a new store for each language.

Password Protected Categories

Password protected zone

You can set up password protected wholesale areas to sell products to other traders at reduced prices or use the space to sell unique items to registered customers. You can control who can visit which password protected category or categories. To gain access to these protected areas, customers have to register through your web store, where you make a decision to allow or deny the user's access to these areas. A padlock icon will be shown next to the password protected category.

Product Inventory Control

We have developed the Inventory Control function , so that you will never over-selling again. Everytime a successful transaction is carried out, your product inventory (stock) will be reduced by the quantity purchased. this is particular useful if you are selling rare and unique items or only small number of quanity is available. As soon as the last stock is sold, no further purchase of the same item can be carried out.

Sales History

The sales order generated from your store is recorded in the sales history which you can review in the control panel. You can print an invoice and change the order status so that your customer can track the progress of their order from your store. The sales history helps you to keep track of your store monthly performance.

Customers Record

You can add new customers from the sales record to your customer list. This is particularly useful if you are running a marketing campaign or distributing newsletters to your potential customers. Our unique tracking system also allows you to see the purchases made by each customer.

If you have configured passward protected categories, then your customers can also register via your store to access one or more of the password protected web pages.